Altar Cloths & Altar Linens

The Catholic Altar Cloth is a large linen fabric, sometimes embroidered, covering the top of an altar (or frontal) to protect, respect, and decorate it.

Altar Linens are religious supplies called the Pall, Purificator, Corporal and finger towels (used at the Lavabo and Holy Communion) and are usually from linen or hemp, most without embellishments. We list these from time to time, but if you need one asap please feel free to contact us. While we carry Christian alter cloths, they are used in almost every religion.


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Altar Cloths & Linens

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We buy and sell Altar Cloths and Altar Linens!

If you have church items you wish to donate, we would be glad to make a cash donation in exchange. We take pride in allowing quality religious items to stay in service.


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