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Nativity Church Items

Church Nativity Statues for Sale

The nativity scene is a Christmas classic during this festive season. Make it memorable.

+ Images in this gallery show few of the nativity items we have for sale.

+ We can arrange delivery across the country via freight or traditional (USPS / FedEx) services.

+ We buy used nativity statues, full scenes, and entire church contents confidentially.

+ Current inventory includes mostly unsorted nativity scenes, but we have hundreds of figures. It's on our "to do" list!

Our Catholic Company provides antique church supplies and quality vintage items. However we often find buyers for any style or period from Pre-Vatican II to modern.

This category is available for large church remodel or renovation projects, they are not purchasable individually.

The above indoor Nativity Scene is available -- a unique set comprised primarily of antique large Daprato Statuary. Sets like these are impossible to find anymore, and only needs minor restoration work on some pieces.