Copes & Humeral Veils

The Cope and Humeral Veil are both liturgical vestments which drape over the shoulders of clergy, but provide different function.

The Cope is an elegant vestment worn by clergy traditionally for warmth and comfort during church services, and can be any liturgical color. Copes are long cloaks or mantles which are clasped around the neck and flow down the back of the priest, many with hoods. The neck clasp (or morse) is often ornate or decorated with embellishments. They are known as "pluviale" or "Cappa" in Latin.

The Humeral Veil is a large rectangular cloth (often silk) with fringed edges and adorned in the center with a liturgical decoration. If they aren't the the ceremonial color of the day, they will be white or gold. Humeral Veils are worn around the shoulders and fastened across the chest with clasps or ties. They have flaps or pockets near the ends that the priest's hands fit in to hold sacred items (Monstrance, Ciborium, etc) without actually touching them -- especially during Benediction and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

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Copes & Humeral Veils

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