The Chasuble, or phelonion, is a vestment worn over a robe, alb, cassock, dalmatic, surplice and stole.

Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and some Methodist church priests use the chasuble for church services and the celebration of the Eucharist. It is the outer liturgical, fundamental, and most visible Mass vestment. It is called "casubla" or "planeta" in Latin. Chasubles are the most common garment worn by priests in church services, second only to the stole.

We have a large rotation stock of unique styles and designs -- mainly Traditional, Gothic and Fiddleback. Some of them are vintage and one of a kind. They are by far our most requested and popular item.

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If you have church items you wish to donate, we would gladly make a cash donation in exchange. We take pride in allowing quality religious items to stay in service.


Absolutely magnificent vestments!!! Blessing to Helen for shipping so fast!!! -H. Bass