Chalice Veil, Burse and Maniple

The Catholic Altar cloth, Chalice Veil, and Burse are often used at the same time.

The Chalice Veil is a a square fabric, often rich material of the same color as the priest's vestments (or white), which is laid over the chalice and paten during mass. Not to be confused with the Corporal which is a cloth that rests underneath the hosts and is carried by the burse.

The Burse is a small square fabric supported with a harder material and lined with linen or silk which is used to carry the Corporal and is the same color as the liturgical garments.

The Maniple is a band of embroidered silk or half silk fabric about 3' long that is worn on the left wrist of the priest during mass. It also matches the rest of the garment colors.


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